how much protein for a woman per day,

How much protein for a woman per day?

Whether it’s to gain, lose, or maintain weight, many people who exercise regularly are concerned about how much protein they should be consuming. While some bodybuilders may be pushing their protein intake a little too far, in general, our daily intake is insufficient. Our muscles […]

woman water intake

What’s The Daily Water Intake for Women?

What should be the daily water intake for a woman? Every day we lose a good part of the water contained in our body (65%). In order for our body to continue to function well, it must be renewed. ” Most people only drink 500 […]

women weight loss tips

Top 20 Weight Loss Tips for Women

Losing weight is one of the challenges that many women face at one point in their lives. Although diet and exercise are considered as the main components of weight loss for women, there are also other additional factors that play a huge role. Studies have […]


Intermittent Fasting for Women: A Beginner’s Guide

You must have probably heard about intermittent fasting because of how popular it has become in recent years. Different women use intermittent fasting for different reasons, but the main one is always to lose weight. Unlike most diets that tell you what to eat and […]