Breaking Free from Unhealthy Habits so You Can Lose Weight-i

Breaking Free from Unhealthy Habits so You Can Lose Weight

Dieting is hard and being on a diet is even harder. The weight loss struggle is more than just a number on the scale. It’s a struggle to break free from unhealthy patterns.

Anyone who has been on a diet can tell you that it takes concerted, conscious effort. You might be repeating the same unhealthy behaviors over and over again that were passed to you by family and friends since childhood. That’s a hard habit to break.

The first step to making a mind shift is to make a plan. What needs to change? The answer will be different for everyone.

  • Do you lack information on how to nourish your body in a healthy way?
  • Have you developed a junk food habit?
  • Do you need to put some thought into shopping, food prep and storage of healthier snacks and meals?
  • Are addictive habits getting in your way – like having drinks after work which make you feel hungry and leads to an unhealthy food binge?
  • Is not owning exercise clothes stopping you from exercising?
  • Do you need more support in your corner? Are you surrounded by people who encourage eating to excess and don’t talk or know a lot about nutrition and fitness?

Figure out how to blow through all of these problems. Once you have a plan in place, implement it.

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