4 Inspiring Reasons to Prioritize Your Health-i

4 Inspiring Reasons to Prioritize Your Health

Many people feel they can’t focus on weight loss goals because they have too much going on in their lives.

But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how busy you are. You should always make time for healthy lifestyle changes. At first, it may seem difficult to look beyond the to-do list, but it’s so worth it when you do.

After all: if you skip out on good health practices now, you could find yourself sacrificing your quality of life to declining health chronic disease later.

Also: no one is going to hand you a medal for completing everything on your task list. But they will hand you big medical bills if you skip out on needed self-care.

Moral of the story: take care of YOU first, then take care of everything and everybody else. Your health is worth it!

Here are five inspiring reasons to prioritize your health. As long as you’re consistent, you’ll notice the results.

Prevent disease.

You should prioritize your health because it will help prevent disease. Chronic disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and statistics show that overweight and obese people are at higher risk.

Being the right weight for your age and height can help prevent chronic, debilitating health conditions like hypertension, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and some cancers.

Look your best for the people who matter…. like you!

The main reason to prioritize your health is because health is a reflection of yourself. Remember that you are the person who is important in your life.
You matter to the people who love you, and you should also matter to yourself. If you give up on your health, you are essentially giving up on yourself.

As a parent, brother, sister or offspring, it feels good to know that your family members admire your physique, and feel proud that you’re taking good care of your body.

This creates a positive cycle that actually leads to better health. And… you may even get other important people in your life on board with being their best, healthiest selves. This is a cycle you definitely want to get into!

Be the best mom

As a parent, you have several responsibilities. These generally are:

  • Giving your children the best environment for healthy living and growth
  • Teaching your children how to live a happy and healthy life
  • Being there for your children, participating in their activities, cheering them on in their sports and hobbies.

Parents set an example for how their children live. In the early years especially, we should ideally be modeling good health practices that teach how to care for their own bodies as they grow.

It also helps to be healthy and fit so you can take part in the activities that develop motor skills, physical prowess, and interactive abilities in your children.

Being overweight will prevent you from engaging in simple parent-child activities like playing catch, for example, or shooting baskets.

You’ll also want to be physically fit enough to attend activities outside the home.

Your children gain self-confidence in your positive presence at their sports events, school plays and other extra-curricular activities. The more fit you are, the more apt you’re likely to show up and keep up with what’s happening.

Be the best employee.

As an employee, you look forward to raises and promotions. Believe it or not, being overweight and out of shape can negatively impact this situation, but not in the way that you might think.

Staying physically fit and fueling your body with the right, nutritious foods will sustain your energy levels. Instead of relying on sweets and coffee for a pick-me-up followed by a crash, you’ll have a steady flow of energy for most of the day.

Sticking to a wellness routine that includes being active, eating right and drinking lots of water means you’ll be less likely to slack off or even nod off in the afternoons. You’ll function at full mental capacity which essentially means working with your brain turned on and engaged.

Being physically fit can help you will become the best employee that you can be. Your employers will benefit. Your confidence will soar! And finally, your family will benefit from the increase in household income.

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