The Link Between Sleep, Weight Loss and Your Health

Do you have trouble sticking to a healthy weight loss and wellness plan? What does this have to do with sleep?

Maybe you’ve been feeling tired and unmotivated. These are both symptoms of a lack of sleep. Research has shown that getting eight hours of sleep each night is linked to better mood, higher energy levels and more creativity.

How do we sleep better? By burning off extra energy during our waking hours. Numerous studies have shown that exercise, including cardio and stretching, work to improve our quality of sleep.

Choosing the right foods to fuel our bodies also leads to better sleep. We’re less likely to experience digestive upset caused by eating fried and greasy foods. Our blood sugar levels will remain more stable when we limit processed sugar and keep portions under control.

Reducing stress also helps us sleep. There are many ways to go about this, including alleviating mental stress, and burning off stress through exercise and stretching.

Meditation is another form of stress relief that leads to deeper, more healing sleep. Look into ways to eliminate, reduce, or relieve stress, and your sleep should improve which will greatly enhance your health.

Better sleep leads to a refreshed mind, and that is a key element of creativity. Creativity helps you tackle your job better, earn more money and generally live a more fulfilling lifestyle.
Getting enough sleep each night can enhance your longevity. Your sleep has a lot to tell you about how you live. If you toss and turn at night, that’s your body telling you something isn’t right.

Maybe you’ve taken on too much. You could need some stress-relief, a better diet, help with relationship challenges, more or different exercise, new forms of self-care, or all of the above.

Remember: your sleep will give you insights into what needs to change in your life. So pay attention to what your sleep is telling you, and then make the needed adjustments so you can get on the path to improved health and longevity.

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